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ICE Freeze Reaper Slim Extra Strong All White Portion
ICE Freeze Reaper Slim Extra Strong All White Portion

ICE Freeze Reaper Slim Extra Strong All White Portion

Article nr: 100756
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Not available for Norway

ICE Freeze Reaper contains nicotine but is completely free of tobacco. The snus has an strong nicotine strength of 24mg nicotine per gram and an exciting taste of cooling menthol and hot Carolina Reaper chili peppers.

  • Nicotine content: 24mg/g
  • Type of snus: All-White pouches, Tobacco-free nicotine pouches
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  • Information
  • ICE Freeze Reaper with its nicotine content of 24mg/g are extra strong tobacco-free nicotine pouches with an incredibly exciting mix where cooling menthol is blended with hot Carolina Reaper chili peppers. It gives a taste explosion immediately when it lands under the lip!

    The nicotine pouches comes in a slim format that provides a comfortable and discreet experience.


    Menthol, Chili

    Nicotine dose:


    Type of snus:

    All-White nicotine pouches, Tobacco-free nicotine pouches

    Benefits of tobacco-free snus

    The advantage of tobacco-free snus can be long, but if you are to list the very best advantage of tobacco-free snus is that it does not contain tobacco and is healthier than tobacco snus if you were to compare, as written earlier, there is the new concept "All-White "which is an all-white prill that does not discolor the teeth, which is hugely appreciated by snus users around the world. If you have previously used snus with tobacco but want to give up tobacco, the tobacco-free snus is a good solution for you who still want to use snus. The tobacco-free snus is also a good solution for you who want to gradually stop using snus.

    Flavor: Menthol
    Flavor profile: Chili , Menthol
    Kind of snus: All-white pouches , Slim Portion , Tobacco free pouches
    Nicotine dose (mg / g): 21-25mg
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