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Vision Spinner Startkit

Vision Spinner Startkit


Vision Spinner 1300mAh Battery:



Article nr: Visionspinner-Startpaket
1.8ohm 6-12W
Capacity: 3ml
1300mah battery


Packing details:
1pc - Aspire ET-S Tank or Aspire K1 Clearomizer
1pc - Vision Spinner 1300mAh battery

Aspire ET-S Tank
Juice capacity 3 ml
Fits Ego products
Replaceable coil / burner
Glass in pyrex
Fill the tank from the bottom by unscrewing the base (base)
ET-S comes with a 1.8ohm coil / combustor. The tank is made of metal and is available in several colors to fit your e-cig perfectly. BVC (Bottom Vertical coil) provides a better taste, better air drag and durability than the older design BDC. The tank fits very well with Vision spinning the multi-color battery to match your tank.

Aspire K1 Clearomizer
Height 72mm & Diameter: 14.5mm
Liquid capacity 1.5 ml
Ego thread
Pyrex glass
Material: Stainless steel
The Aspire K1 Clearomizer is perfect for a pen battery and will give you a simple looking look with your battery.
Aspire K1 uses (BVC coils). This new technology is designed to last longer while providing users with the purest flavor of e-liquids.
The stainless steel tip and Pyrex glass give the Aspire K1 a strong metallic impression, making it look very exclusive and high-end. It is very easy to fill and has the advantage that it is easy to see how much juice is left in the tank.

Vision Spinner 1300mAh
Capacity (mAh): 1300
Length (mm): 115.5
Diameter (mm): 16.5
Road to desired voltages / voltage. Higher excitement = more steam, more taste and more tear to the throat.
Vision Spinner is compact which makes it the most portable variable voltage device available.
It is a 1300mAh battery that will last for half to a full day.

About cigge
We have been working with tobacco-free products since 2011 and had our online store since 2014. We only sell original products from the leading manufacturers. We handle all complaints according to Swedish consumer purchases and support via email, tele, chat and Facebook.
  • Tank: 1 st. Aspire ET-S Tank, Black ( 51020), or
         1 st. Aspire ET-S Tank, Blue ( 51017) (Out of stock!), or
         1 st. Aspire ET-S Tank, Pink ( 51021) (Out of stock!), or
         1 st. Aspire ET-S Tank, Red ( 51018), or
         1 st. Aspire ET-S Tank, Silver ( 51019), or
         1 st. Aspire K1 Clearomizer ( 51007) (Out of stock!)
  • Vision Spinner 1300mAh Battery: 1 st. Vision Spinner 1300 mAh, Black ( 51503) (Out of stock!), or
         1 st. Vision Spinner 1300 mAh, Blue ( 51500) (Out of stock!), or
         1 st. Vision Spinner 1300 mAh, Pink ( 51504), or
         1 st. Vision Spinner 1300 mAh, Red ( 51501) (Out of stock!), or
         1 st. Vision Spinner 1300 mAh, Silver ( 51502) (Out of stock!)
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    Aspire BVC  5-Pack
    1.6ohm 6-12W
    1.8ohm 5-10W

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