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Snus is something special that has existed in the Nordics since the 18th century. At that time snus was very popular and was used by the finest gentlemen in the country, at that time snuff was considered a luxury and every fine gentleman was equipped with a fine snuff box with small gold or silver masterpieces. A little interesting fact to mention about the snus was that Napoleon Bonaparte was a big snuffer. Snus is a moist tobacco mixture and snus can occur in both the form of "loose snus" and "portion snus". The snus is tucked under the lip and then the flavor is released, which in turn is picked up by the mucous membranes in the mouth.


The Swedish snus is created from carefully selected types of tobacco, aromas, salts, water and humectants, all ingredients required to create snus are approved foodstuffs and meet all requirements. Snus from Swedish Match has carefully selected its tobacco for its snus, they have learned from long experience that the most suitable tobaccos to make snus from are Nicotiana Tabacum & Nicotiana Rustica, this tobacco has different tastes and properties. Flavoring substances are mixed in the snus to give the snus its taste, such as e.g. for the General snus, bergamot oil is used, while Gothenburg's Rapé snus is created with lavender and juniper berries to give the snus its special taste. The salt is an important part of the snus, the salt has two roles and fulfills two functions, an important component in the taste experience and then the salt is a preservative function. The water that is mixed in the snus makes the snus fresh and moist, the snus is also mixed with propylene glycol, which many users of electronic cigarettes are familiar with.


The snus that we snus today was introduced at the beginning of the 19th century and was seen as another alternative to chewing tobacco, which was then a luxurious and expensive product, while snus was cheaper to manufacture and buy. During the course of the 19th century, more and more snus manufacturers appeared that focused on producing snus, some of the famous snus brands are Ettan, General and Gothenburg's Prima Fint. Snus is mostly sold in Sweden, Norway & Denmark, but the new All White portion concept is becoming more popular around Europe, as it is not classified as snus, the concept is the same, you stick a stick under your lip and enjoy, albeit tobacco-free. Snus is also used in America, when parts of the Swedish population emigrated to the USA in the 1800s, the Swedish emigrants took their snus with them and that is where snus got its roots in the USA.


Here you will find a large selection of cheap snus online, we at sell a large assortment of the best snus brands on the Swedish market so that your experience will be as good as possible. With the snus that we market, we hope to help people give up cigarettes and switch to a healthier lifestyle. We have changed our concept and if you want to read more about it, you can look here.


We have included in our range the best snus available on the market, you can find our snus in our web shop or in one of our physical stores at a cheap price. The snus is available in different variants such as e.g. tobacco snus or completely nicotine-free and tobacco-free snus varieties at a cheap price, it is also possible to buy snus online stock wise. If you place your order online before 4, your order is sent the same day and you usually have your order within 1-2 days.


You will also find completely nicotine-free & tobacco-free snus from the brand XQS and others in our range. Also as written before, we want to offer people a healthier lifestyle, away from tobacco cigarettes with our new concept Harm Reduction Company.


There are many effective ways to quit regular cigarettes and using snus is one of them. Snus is a reduced health risk compared to regular cigarettes. We cannot claim that snus is healthy, but if you compare snus and cigarettes, snus is the healthier lifestyle. If you want to break completely from nicotine and tobacco, you can take a look at our nicotine-free and tobacco-free snus varieties. WHAT TYPES OF SNUS ARE THERE? There are actually two branches within snus and there is loose snus which is the traditional form of snus and then there is the more convenient alternative ie portioned snus which comes in the form of a "bag", a cooler word for these bags is "prills".


The loose snus is the original form of snus and each box weighs approximately between 40 to 50 grams and the advantage of loose snus is that the user can decide the size of the pill themselves, loose snus has a tendency to have a higher nicotine content and delivers a stronger taste than regular portion snus which instead has a longer flavor release and can be comfortable to snort as you don't have to bake the snus but can simply tuck the prills under the lip. There are very few loose snuffers who know the art of baking a loose snuff with just one hand, this art of baking a live snuff means that the snuser with one hand puts a stick under the lip, this art is also called taking a "bonn snuff". Well-known brands that sell loose snus of high quality: Ettan, Grov, General, Kronan.


Portion snus can be described as a small bag containing packed tobacco, there are different versions of portion snus - Original Portion and White Portion, original portion snus has a shorter flavor release and usually has a stronger tobacco flavor than white portion snus which has a longer flavor release and not such strong taste. Well-known brands that sell portioned snus of high quality: Siberia, Knox, LD, The Lab


The tobacco-free snus is a relatively new type of snus, the chalk-white snus is made from some type of plant fiber such as cellulose. The tobacco-free snus is becoming more and more popular as it is a healthier choice, if you belong to the small percentage who snuff while you sleep, you can say goodbye to the tobacco stains on the pillowcase. Popular snuff brands that do not contain tobacco: LYFT, on!, ZYN, Skruf


The nicotine-free snus is also a healthier choice than the tobacco snus, there are many different flavors when it comes to nicotine-free snus and in our range you will find the best brands of snus that do not contain any form of nicotine, you will find our nicotine-free range here where we offer a number of different snuff flavors that do not contain nicotine.


There is a lot of research regarding this and the research indicates that snuff is the healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, with the new All-white concept, snuff is much better than smoking as snuff does not contain tobacco, which is one of the most harmful ingredients. However, snus is not harmless and we do not encourage anyone to start using either e-cigarettes or snus if they do not have a need for it.