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Nicotine Pouches

LYFT Ice Cool Strong Mint Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches from LYFT with a refreshing taste of mint...
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1-9 pcs10+
LYFT Freeze X-Strong Slim Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches from LYFT with a strong nicotine content and a rich taste...
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1-9 pcs10+
LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches from LYFT with a juicy taste of tropical fruits...
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1-9 pcs10+
LYFT Mint Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches with a refreshing taste of mint that gives a fresh feelin...
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1-9 pcs10+
LYFT Lime Strong Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches with a high nicotine content and a strong taste of lime...
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1-9 pcs10+


eGo AIO Startkit - 1500mAh
1500 mAh
2pcs 0.6 ohm Coils included...
Gala Pod Vape Kit - Innokin
Small and flexible e-cig with a amazing flavor production...
VooPoo Vinci Air Pod Vape Kit
Affordable pod-kit compatible with MTL & Half-DL vaping...
E-Hookah / E-Cigarettes XEO Start kit
Battery capacity: 280 mAh
Tank capacity: 0.9ml...
Stick P25 3000mAh Startkit - Smok
3000mAh battery capacity...


Absolute Tobacco - Innovation
Flavor: Tobacco
VG 50% / PG 50%
0, 6, 12, 18mg
1-4 pcs5-9 pcs10+
€4.11/pcs€3.98/pcs €3.79/pcs
Berry Bomb - Pura Lite
Flavor: Berries.
VG 50% / PG 50%.
3, 6, 12, 18mg.
2 pack - Innovation (Shortfill)
Choose two bottles from Innovation shortfills...
Amazing Haze (Shortfill) - Lovedrops
Flavor: Vanilla custard, Caramel, Cream, Hazelnut
VG 70% / PG 30%.
Shake 'n Vape
60, ...
1-1 pcs2-3 pcs4+
€18.94/pcs€17.00/pcs €14.00/pcs
Apple Raspberry (Shortfill) - Team 120
Flavor: Apple, Raspberry
VG 70% / PG 30%.
Shake 'n Vape (0mg)
120ml (Filled to 100ml ...
1-1 pcs2-3 pcs4+
€26.31/pcs€22.50/pcs €18.75/pcs


With us you will find a wide range of E-cigarettes, E cig, vape, e juice / e liquid as well as everything that belongs to it. E-cigg is a modern way of smoking that gives you great opportunities when you can vape indoors without bothering people in your surroundings - it both smells and tastes good!


An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered electronic machine that evaporates liquid; the liquid that evaporates has many names, such as e.g. e liquid, e-liquid, e-juice, these liquids contain nicotine but there is also the possibility to choose a completely nicotine-free liquid.

You can choose which name sounds best on your tongue. An e-cig is available in many different models and there is an ecig for everyone! If you like a large and robust electric cigarettes that fits your hand or a model small electronic cigarette that you can easily put in your pocket and that does not take up much space, there are such to choose from.

If you are a beginner at e-cig and want to learn more, you can read our guide on electronic cigarettes where we cover all parts about electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.


E cig is perfect for anyone who wants to quit smoking regular cigarettes. Vaping also has an advantage in that you do not get the same amount of chemicals you get when you burn tobacco. With us there are Start kits at all levels, we have made it easy for your customers to navigate our page as we have divided our start packages into three different levels - Regular, Premium and Advanced.

A regular starter kit means a simpler e-cigarette, usually a "pen model" that is very easy to get started with. Premium starter kit is a more advanced e-cigarette that allows the user to adjust their volt / watt power at their own convenience. In all our starter kits, it comes with a tank / clearomizer as well as an instruction manual that explains how to safely use your vape, you buy vape batteries and ejuice / liquid for your ecigg separately. Read more here about vape.


It is also possible to choose nicotine strength down to nicotine-free. Now we can also offer the new method "Shake n Vape". This means that the bottles called shortfill are usually not filled up to 60ml but contain less liquid so that you can add a nicshot to your ejuice / liquid.

You as a user should be able to determine your nicotine strength yourself, we have created a video guide on our youtube channel that easily explains how this works. There is also the opportunity to rate your choices with us to help others choose the right juice!

We have a large range - can be Sweden's widest range with over 300 flavors and it is constantly growing! For the more experienced vapers we also have premium liquid and separate base liquid as well as flavors and aromas to build your own ejuice together, for the optimum experience and the best cloud.


When it comes to the more advanced electric-cig machines, there is a large selection of both RDA, RTA, RDTA and vape mods. This is so that you can make an e cig that fits you perfectly with advanced settings.

We are in stores all over Sweden and if we are not in your particular city, we make sure you are given the same quality experience online too. We have the highest priority that you as a customer should get a quality assured electric cigarette product that suits you.


We also cherish your experience after you have made a purchase. As a result, you as a customer always have the opportunity to contact us through our support. This is to make your vape experience first class. We offer our customers lightning fast deliveries, we do everything we can to get your e-cig & e-liquid as fast as possible.

We have a youtube channel where we post instructional videos and news in our juices assortment. We continuously post videos where you can, for example, learn how to get started with your e cigg, what new e-liquids we get and many other vape related. Come in and follow us so you don't miss our videos!

Our entire range of e-liquid and e-cigarettes is TPD approved and you as a customer can be assured that all e cigg, vape, e liquid, tanks / clearomizers and accessories are eu approved and manufactured under quality assured conditions. All our products are registered with EC-ID and secured by authorities.

We are specialists and have one of the broadest range in the Nordic countries and a price that is worth comparing. We have been working with alternative products since 2006. We only sell original products from the leading manufacturers. We handle all complaints under the Swedish Consumer Purchase Act and have support via mail, telephone, chat and Facebook.

We follow the latest trends and developments in the US - therefore we can offer hardware from KangerTech, Aspire, SMOK, Eleaf and Joyetech and fluids from manufacturers such as Pura Lite, Innovation, Naked 100, Lost Art and much more! When you order we will pack your order as soon as we can, if the order is made before 15:30 we will send it the same day.