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E-cig accessories

Accessories for e cig can be found here, do you need a vape accessory for your e-cigarette? We have the most! If you are in need of a new glass tube for your tank or a new Drip tip in attractive resin colors, you will find most and much more here at cigge.com.

With a wide range of accessories that can simplify your vaping or equip your e-cigarette with a new look, you will find cheap vape products on this page.


With a wide range of accessories for your e-cigarette, your vaping becomes much more fun and more interesting, if you want to change the look of your 18650 battery we sell stylish battery wraps at a very low price.

You will also find the best cotton in the market for RTA / RDA tanks that contain no contaminants and which have a quick absorbency and which is completely tasteless, at a good price.


If you are looking for a new vape tool kit because you need new tools to build your own coils, we have excellent vape products that enhance your experience as you build coils. In a DIY tool kit, all the necessary tools are included, eg. cutting pliers, phillips screwdriver & a pair of scissors. With these tools, your construction will be much easier!

There are also "Tweezers" to buy, with this tool you can easily put your cotton in place in the tank, you can also adjust the coil with this tool.


An external charger is specifically designed to handle e-cig battery charging and safely charge your batteries. There are different sizes of external battery chargers and there are chargers with up to 8 slots to charge a larger amount of batteries at the same time.

With smart features, our battery chargers are equipped with the latest technology that allows the charger to recognize your batteries and adapt the charge according to the battery you have inserted in the external charger. The battery chargers also have built-in safety covers such as short-circuit protection & overcharging protection.

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TFV8 Big Baby Coil Adapter - Smok
TFV8 Big Baby coil adapter
TFV12 Baby P-Tank O-ring & Seal - Smok
O-ring & Seal for TFV12 Baby P-tank
810 to 510 Drip Tip Adapter
810 to 510 drip tip adapter
TFV12 P 2ml Glass Tube - Smok
2ml glass for TFV12 P Tank
eGo AIO Silicone Rubber Skin - Joyetech
Silicone Rubber Skin for eGo AIO
TFV12 Cloud Beast King Glass Tube - Smok
Replacement glas for TFV12 Clearomizer / Tank
IJust S Glass Tub - Eleaf
Replacement glas for IJust S tank
TFV12 P 5ml Glass Tube - Smok
5ml glas for TFV12 P Tank
18650 Batteri Wrap (4-pack) - ODB
Replacement wrap to your 18650 battery
2ml PockeX Glas Tub with metal cover - Aspire
2ml Pyrex Glass with metalcover
Aluminum Shine Drip Tips
Thread: 510
Length: 24.9mm
Width: 9.2mm
Diameter: 4mm
Nautilus Glass Tube
Replacement glas for Aspire Nautilus tank
Ceramic Tweezer for RDA/RBA
Ceramic tweezer
Nitecore D4
Slotts: 4 charge slotts
TFV12 P 8ml Bulb Glass Tube - Smok
8ml bulb glass for the TFV12 P tank
TFV8 Cloud Beast Glass Tube - Smok
Replacement glas for TFV8 tank
18650 battery case - cigge.se
Battery case for easy and safe storage of your batteries
810 Resin Drip Tip H÷gprofil - VAPJOY
810 Drip tip with a high profile
SC4 Charger - Nitecore
Nitecore SC4 charger
Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously
3000mA Maximum cha...
TFV8 Baby Beast Glass Tube 2ml - Smok
Compatible with:
V8 Stick 2000mah 2ml
Nitecore D2
Slotts: 2 charge slotts
Premium Battery (2-pack) - EQ
EQ Premium battery 145mAh
Spiral Mouthpiece eGo AIO - Joyetech
Spiral Mouthpiece for eGo AIO
TFV8 Baby Pyrex Bulb Glass Tube 3.5ml - Smok
Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube 3.5ml for TFV8 Baby tank
Universal Silicone Dust Cap - Vapesoon
Vapesoon Universal Silicone Dust Cap for Tank