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Nicotine Pouches - All-White Pouches

Nicotine Pouches Europe

Nicotine pouches and all white snus

At Cigge.com we’re all about all white pouches and nicotine pouches, which give you that extra kick, but without tobacco! Nicotine pouches offer aromatic, fresh flavours packaged in white, drip-free bags that won’t stain your teeth. Whether you want the kick of nicotine or simply a flavourful breath freshener under your lip, we have something for you. Our all white snus also comes in nicotine free varieties.

Are nicotine pouches better than loose?

When it comes to snus, you can find it either loose or in pouches. That is also true for all white, although loose all white snus is less common. The pouch options are usually easier to manage when compared to the loose product, especially when it comes to first timers. If you buy loose snus, you can place it under your lip like that (but it can be messy), otherwise you have to put it in pouches yourself. On the other hand, pouched snus is instantly usable and tends to come in pouches conveniently sized to place under your lip.

The pouch is made from natural fibres and contains a chew-base filler as well as nicotine and various flavours that make up the pouch - the flavours will depend on the brand. What's great about all the nicotine pouches we sell is that there is no tobacco. Gone is that tobacco taste, instead you get a good shot of flavour straight into your system, bypassing your lungs and not releasing unnecessary smoke, which can potentially affect those around you.

However, this doesn’t mean our products don’t contain nicotine - some do. But there’s an added bonus, the nicotine pouches are full of different flavours and other additives to give you that delightful tingle, all in a safer way. Depending on the brand you choose, you'll get different flavours and energy kick options - we've got more on that later on!

What are all white pouches?

Normally when you hear the term all white snus, it means that even though there is tobacco in the product, the leaves have been bleached. But why bother with this, you ask? Well, as you'll be placing the pouch directly under your top lip, it can have contact with your teeth. Regular tobacco stains teeth, especially when using a product so close to them. All white snus, on the other hand, does not! This means your teeth can stay their pearly-white selves. The tobacco free all white pouches are produced with the same aim in mind. With no tobacco to cause stains, the pouches stay perfectly white during and after usage.

Our tobacco-free nicotine pouches

In order to offer you something safe and good for your health, none of our products contain tobacco. This means that you can enjoy snus in a healthier way. As well as offering a nicotine hit, tobacco-free pouches with nicotine are perfect for offering energy boosts in a different way. Instead of nicotine, some of these tobacco-free pouches are packed full of flavour and a range of different herbs to give you that little kick without the nicotine. Depending on the brand, the ingredients, and nicotine content, will differ.

For those looking to reduce their snus intake, switching to tobacco-free brands is the way forward. At the start it's a great way to simply swap out some of your full-strength snus for something that's tobacco free in the form of all white pouches. As you get a feel for it (plus the nice taste), you can start to reduce the amount of nicotine products that you are using and thus give yourself a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle. Some of our featured top brands include Qvitt, Onico and KickUp.

All white pouches look and feel the same as regular snus though the actual product tends to be a little drier than the moister tobacco snus.

Using non-tobacco nicotine pouches to quit smoking

For those of you who are smokers, snus offers the perfect way to quit smoking. To start with, you can use nicotine pouches so that you can still get that hit of nicotine without damaging your lungs as you do so. Once this has helped remove the habit of actually smoking and reduced your nicotine intake, you can then move on to all white snus, as this will help diminish your tobacco cravings. Going cold turkey may work for some, but this gradual process has longer lasting effectiveness.

How nicotine pouches work

Nicotine pouches contain black tea leaves or other plant fibres only, whereas snus will contain these fibres alongside tobacco leaves. In addition, tobacco free all white pouches contain salts and a wide variety of flavourings (more on those delights later!). Despite the slight differences in ingredients, the method of using snus is exactly the same. The pouch is placed under the top lip in direct contact with the thin skin behind your lip and on your gum. This is where the flavours are absorbed.

Instead of just absorbing nicotine here though, you'll also get the full intense flavours provided by the all-white pouches without tobacco. Similar to the tobacco product, these pouches can be kept under the lip until the flavour dissipates and reduces. Depending on the brand this can be anything from half an hour to an hour, and of course this depends on you, and how intense a flavour you'd like to have.

Flavoured nicotine pouches

Though our snus products are tobacco free this doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the nicotine kick. But the all-white pouches with nicotine we sell do add a little more tingle and buzz through a variety of exciting flavours as well. Many of these all-white pouches or nicotine pouches will combine these flavours with a variety of minerals and vitamins to give you a more natural energy kick as well - we suggest looking at KickUp products for this. As with snus, one of the most popular flavours include liquorice though bergamot is also up there as a popular option.

Nicotine pouches without tobacco are commonly flavoured with pepper, mint and even various fruits. Should you prefer a strong taste, head to nicotine pouches labelled 'Strong'. Fruit nicotine pouches for those who prefer a gentler, sweeter taste are also plentiful. Some brands even offer citrus, cinnamon, coffee, chilli and spearmint flavours ensuring that you have an impressive range of options to choose from. Check out our selection of products to find something that suits your palate!

Shipping and help

All of our products are delivered fresh directly from the manufacturers themselves. These can then be shipped around the continent directly from our warehouse. What's really great about the fact that we use tobacco-free nicotine pouches is that these products are extremely durable. They don't actually need to be refrigerated in order to keep them fresh and at their optimum quality. If you have any queries it's also really easy to drop us a line via email and we'll sort things out.

As you may know, the EU has a ban on snus which is why we are unable to sell these products in EU countries directly. However, tobacco-free snus is a different story, and a huge effort has gone into creating these tobacco-free types of products, which feel and taste virtually the same as their tobacco filled brethren. These products can be sold to EU countries and we do so offering you top prices alongside speedy delivery and high-quality products, making it easy to buy nicotine pouches online.

Which countries do we ship to?

We ship our orders all throughout europe, mostly to germany, united kingdoms, but also to southern european countries such as italy, spain and france. Enjoy your nicotine pouches from cigge.com.

Quality is important

Here at Cigge.com we take quality very seriously. With high quality comes a better taste and snus experience. To that end, we offer a wide variety of tobacco-free all white pouches from some of the top manufacturers all of whom have strict quality control. In our product range, you’ll find excellent products from quality brands such as KickUp, XQS, Qvitt, Onico, and Zeroberg. Particularly popular are the Zyn nicotine pouches and the Lyft nicotine pouches. Have a look at our selection of all white pouches and see what takes your fancy!

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Berry Citrus Coffee Fruit Licorice Menthol Mint Tobacco Vanilla
Nicotine dose
1-5mg 6-10mg 11-15mg 16-20mg 20-25mg
Nixs Minty Lemon Strong All White Portion
Tasty all-white pouches with a rich taste of chilly mint & sour lemon
Nixs Salmiak Strong All White Portion
All-white nicotine pouches with a rich taste of salt licorice, flavorful and pleasant ni...
Nixs Melon Rush All White Portion
Delicious and sweet melon flavor in an all-white version. Quick flavor release.
Nixs Icy Mint Strong All White Portion
Experience the fresh and chilly taste of mint in Nix's Icy Mint, tobacco-free all white ...
LYFT Freeze X-Strong Slim Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches from LYFT with a strong nicotine content and a rich taste...
Nordic Spirit Slim Berry Citrus
Tobacco-free pouches from Nordic Spirit with a berry flavor
White Fox Full Charge Large Extra Strong
Powerful all-white pouches with fresh and spicy taste of peppermint, high nicotine content
Ace Superwhite Eucalyptus Slim Portion
Ace Superwhite Eucalyptus Slim Portion
LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches from LYFT with a juicy taste of tropical fruits
LYFT Ice Cool Strong Mint Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches from LYFT with a refreshing taste of mint
LYFT Winter Chill X-Strong Slim Portion
Tobacco-free All-white pouches from LYFT with a high nicotine content, the bags gives a ...
Skruf Super White Slim Cassice #2
Skruf Super White Slim Cassice
ZYN Slim Strong Apple Mint
ZYN tobacco-free nicotine pouches with a taste of spearmint and apples
LYFT Lime Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches with a mild taste of fresh lime that gives a tasty experi...
G.4 Cryo Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free all-white pouches from General with an icy taste of peppermint
ZYN Mini Espressino
Tobacco-free nicotine pouches from ZYN with a rich taste of coffee, chocolate and vanilla
LYFT Easy Mint Mellow Slim Portion
Tobacco-free All-white snus with a refreshing and smooth taste of mint & peppermint
LYFT Lime Strong Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches with a high nicotine content and a strong taste of lime
Skruf Super White Slim All White Portion Frozen Shot #4
Skruf Super White Slim All White Portion Frozen Shot #4
Super Strong Multipack All White Pouches
Multipack with three selected All-white cans with super-strong nicotine content
Normal Multipack All White Pouches
Multipack with three selected All-white cans with normal nicotine doses
Shiro Virginia Classic Slim All White
An exciting tobacco-free pouch with an authentic tobacco flavor
ZYN Citrus Mini Dry Portion
ZYN tobacco-free nicotine pouches with a sour taste of citrus
Strong Multipack All White Pouches
Multipack with three selected All-white cans with strong nicotine doses
G.4 Fizzy Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free all-white pouches from General with a fruity taste character
Skruf Super White Red Rhuby #3
Skruf Super White Red Rhuby #3
LYFT Urban Vibe Strong Slim Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches from LYFT with an intense taste of red fruits and cranber...
ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Portion
Tobacco-free nicotine pouches from ZYN with a distinct taste of mint
White Fox Double Mint Slim All White Portion
Slimmed all-white pouches with a high nicotine content and strong mint flavor
LYFT Mint Slim All White Portion
Tobacco-free All-White pouches with a refreshing taste of mint that gives a fresh feeling
Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Portion #2
Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Portion