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Classic Tobacco - EQ
Flavor: Tobacco.
Crown Menthol - EQ
Flavor: Menthol.
16, 20mg.
€8.32 (€10.42)
VOOM Refillable Pod 3-pack
3-pack of refillable pods for the VOOM electric cig, these pods come without e-liquid.
VOOM Prefillable Pod Tobacco 3-pack
3-pack of refilled pods for VOOM with a taste of tobacco
EQ Refill-Filter 18mg - Menthol
Refill-filter from EQ with menthol flavor
EQ Refill-Filter 18mg - Pure Tobacco
Refill-filter from EQ with a strong taste of tobacco
VOOM Prefillable Pod Mint 3-pack
3-pack pre-filled pods with a fresh taste of mint
VOOM Prefillable Pod Ice Mango 3-pack
3-pack refilled pods for VOOM with an exotic taste of mango and ice
VOOM Prefillable Pod Ice Strawberry 3-pack
Pre-filled pods for VOOM with a rich taste of strawberries and ice
VOOM Prefillable Pod Shisha Double Apple 3-pack
3-pack of pre-filled pods for VOOM with taste of red & green apples