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Coils - We have the Coil for your e-cigarette

Coils are an important component of the e-cigarette and usually come in several variants to your e-cigarette. With different variants of the coil, users can vary their vaping with coils that have different properties such as coils that focus more on flavor production or coils that provide larger clouds that fit the cloud chaser perfectly. If you are looking for ready-made coils for RDA tanks, we offer a wide range of such coils.

Here you will find one of Europes largest range of coils at a very low price. We are sure you will find your favorite coils for your e-cigarette here at cigge.com.


If you are feeling uncertain and are thinking about replacing your coil, we usually recommend replacing your current coil after 2-3 weeks of vaping, with that in mind, it all depends on how much you vape on your e-cigarette. , if you are vaping very intensively, we recommend that you replace the coil after 1 - 2 weeks.

Your e-cigarette can also tell you when it's time to replace the coil, if you feel a dramatic reduction in flavor production then it's time to replace your old coil with a new one.

NOTE! If you feel a burnt taste, you should immediately replace the coil as the coil has been burnt and the vapor that you vape is immediately dangerous!


If you are a beginner in vaping then it is important to know what a coil is. A coil is associated with the liquid container on your e-cigarette, these components work together to vaporize the e-liquid contained in the liquid container. There are different resistances on the coil that have different properties.

In every e-cigarette that we sell in our online store you will find important information on production that tells you which coils are suitable for that particular e-cigarette, we try to do everything so that our customers can easily navigate among our e-cigarettes products.

It is important to know that an e-cigarette does not burn the liquid, but instead evaporates the e-liquid contained in the liquid container. A coil is also called evaporator.

If you want to learn more about e-cigarettes, we have created an e-cig guide where we thoroughly go through e-cigarettes and all components of an e-cigarette.


If you order coils from us you can be sure that you choose very high quality coil products, we only sell coils in unbroken original packaging & with security codes that verify its authenticity.

We offer fast deliveries to vapers around european countries at very low prices, our purpose is to make you as a vaper happy and provide first class service even after you have purchased vape products from us at cigge.com.

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Aspire BVC  5-Pack
1.6ohm 6-12W
1.8ohm 5-10W
From €10.42
BF SS316 Cubis/AIO coils
0.5ohm 15-30W
0.6ohm 15-28W
1.0ohm 10-25W
1.5ohm 8-20W
Cleito 120 Coil (1 Pack) - Aspire
0.16ohm Clapton 100 - 120W
0.15ohm Mesh Coil 60 - 75W
Smok TFV8 Baby RBA
1pc TFV8 Baby RBA
Crown 3 Coils - Uwell
SUS316 0.25ohm(80-90W)
SUS316 0.5ohm(70-80W)
Kanthal 0.4ohm(55-65W)
V12 P Coils - Smok
V12 P-Q4 Coil - 0.4ohm
V12 P-T10 Coil - 0.12ohm
V12 P-X6 Coil - 0.15ohm
V12 P-M4 Coil...
From €18.84
V12 RBA Coil - Smok
Dual Coils Deck
Single Coil Silicone Adapter
0.15ohm Triple Coils
€10.42 (€15.26)
Reux coils 5-pack - Wismec
RX Dual 0.15 100-260W
RX Tripple 0.15ohm 60 - 160W
RX Ceramic 0.5ohm 60-80W
NRG GT Core Coils - Vaporesso
GT CCELL 0.5ohm (20-35W)
GT4: 0.15ohm (30-70W)
GT2: 0.4ohm (40-80W)
GT6: 0.2ohm (40-1...
From €14.63
EQS Pods - Innokin
2ml refillable pods for EQS
TFV8 Baby Coils - Smok
0.4ohm 55-65W
0.2ohm 40-130W
0.15ohm 40-60W
0.15ohm 60-80W
From €23.05
HW Coils - Eleaf
SS316L 0.2ohm
Kanthal HW3 0.2ohm
From €14.63
Nautilus Coils (5 Pack) - Aspire
1.6ohm 7-15W
1.8ohm 5-11W
Nunchaku Coils - Uwell
Claptonized A1 coil 0.25ohm (40-50W)
Claptonized A1 coil 0.4ohm (45-55W)
UN2 Meshed Co...
From €16.74
Big Baby Q2 EU Coil - Smok
Dual Core
0.4ohm (40 - 80W / best 55 - 65W)
TFV8 Coils - Smok
V8-Q4 90-150W
V8-T6 110-150W
V8-T8 120-180W
V8-T10 130w - 190W
Uforce Coils - VooPoo
Uforce P2 Single Mesh Coil 0.6ohm
Uforce N2 Dual Mesh Coils 0.3ohm
Uforce N3 Triple Me...
From €20.95
Exceed Edge Pods - Joyetech
Capacity: 2ml
Resistance: 1.2ohm
€8.32 (€15.68)
Novo Pods - Smok
Capacity: 2ml
Smok TFV8 V8 RBA
1st TFV8 T8-RBA bas
Zeltu X Pods
1.2ohm pod
1.6ohm pod
IJust S / IJust2 0,18 ohm - Eleaf
0.18ohm 50-80W
nexMESH Mesh 0.13ohm Coil - OFRF
nexMESH Triple Density Mesh Coil
PockeX AIO Coils - Aspire
Aspire PockeX 0.6ohm coil (18 - 23W)
Aspire PockeX 1.2ohm coil (18 - 23W)
Nautilus X Coils (5 Pack) - Aspire
1.5 ohm 14-22W
1.8 ohm 12-16W
TFV4 Coils - Smok
0.35ohm 30-90W
0.4ohm 30-100W
0.15ohm 40-130W
0.2ohm 40-120W
From €28.84
EUC Coils - Vaporesso
Traditional Clapton EUC - 0.4ohm
Traditional Clapton EUC - 0.5ohm
Ceramic EUC - 0.5ohm
From €12.53
Ijust Start - Gs air coils, 0,75