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Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Age limit
    People under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy E-cigarettes from If we
    discover that a minor has attempted to make a purchase we will contact parent by
    mail. We have a system that is designed to discover (manually and by routine) and
    therefore make it impossible for minors to obtain these merchandise through our

    Order made in another persons name (falsification of a private citizen) will be

    reported to the Police. If there are any suspicions of improper use reservs the right
    to deny purchase. Before any denial will be made we always ask for personal identification
    number (Personnummer) If complementary information is not recieved the order will
    instantly be denied, or within a week from when the complementary information was
    requested. If a minor has prepaid an order by credit/debit-card, the money will be returned
    into the account connected to the card.
  • 2. Pricing
    All transactions are made in Swedish Crowns (SEK). Prices always include taxes and VAT.
    When an order has been confirmed, the price can only be changed due to circumstanses
    beyond can anticipate, for instance changes in taxing and VAT. Delivery charges
    are added according to valid rates, when you pass check out you always see the price in
    total. Any order exceeding SEK 499 are free of delivery charges. No extra taxes or VAT are
  • 3. Purchase
    When an order has been placed sends a confirmation through e-mail. The
    preliminary confirmation is automatically generated by our database and has not been
    manually inspected. An agreement of purchase is not met until has checked the
    buyers age and corrected possible inaccuracies in prices and times for deliveries etc.
  • 4. Delivery

    Time for delivery is normally between 1-3 days within Sweden. Orders made before 12.00
    (on a weekday) is normally sent the same day. Otherwise the order is sent on the following
    weekday. Some products may temporarily be unavailable, in that case we contact you by email.
    All orders are normally sent through the mail. If your order has not arrived within 3
    days, please contact If there are delays in the delivery we will notify you by email.
    You as customer always have the right to change your mind about the order when you
    learn about the delay. We always do our very best to pursue your order. There is no
    compensation when delays occur. More info to be found under Delivery & Time for

    Viktig informasjon om import av nikotin til Norge:

    I noen tilfeller kan tollerne ta beslag i bestillingen din order som inneholder nikotin fordi de tror at den ikke kan importeres til Norge av forskjellige årsaker. Hvis det skulle oppstå,
    foreslår vi at du kontakter vår kundestøtte på +46(0) 243 20 2014 eller sender e -post til, alternativt bare lar den være slik at varene blir returnert og deretter refundert til deg.
    Hvis du velger å hente produktene dine selv, vil det trolig medføre større kostnader som vi ikke kan refundere.

  • 5. Risks during delivery
    During the delivery from our warehouse to your agent in Sweden any responsibility for the
    merchandise is ours. For instance if the package get lost, damaged or something go missing
    from it we will replace them. In the case you need to return merchandise for instance to
    swap something, then the responsibility during the return is your.
  • 6. Splitting orders
    In case any of the items you have ordered have a considerably longer delivery time than the
    rest of the items in you order, will we in certain cases split your order. You as customer will
    never have to pay for the extra delivery cost.
  • 7. Payment
    Paying with Payson
    Payments are easy and safe with Payson. Even if you don’t have an account with Payson it’s
    easy to make the transaktion through them. Payson cooperate with VISA, Mastercard and all
    the swedish banks that offers direct payments such as Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB and
    Payson have high security demands and are PCI-certified by Trustwave, an international
    organisation for secure online shopping. All online traffic are encrypted by SLL 128 bits and
    all the card-transactions are built on what the banks refer to as 3D-secure technology.
    Payson started in 2004 in Sweden and over a million people have used Payson as a secure
    proven payment solution online.

    Read more about Payson:
  • 8. Parcel not collected
    If you don’t pick up your parcel from your mail agent within the time-limit (14 days) you will
    be debited a delivery and administration fee of SEK 250.
  • 9. Warranty
    Up to 6 months warranty on all hardware except coils or E-juice.
  • 10. Complaints
    mportant information: All types of complaints must be because of an actual fault.
    Therefore you must keep the faulty item, do not use it or throw it away.

    It is ideal that you as a customer check your order at delivery to verify the accuracy and that
    nothing is faulty. In case of a complaint you contact by phone +46 (0) 243 202014 or
    e-mail at Please state your order number and the reason for the complaint.
    When a complaint is made the customer must request a return number (RN) and a delivery
    label who are valid for 14 days.

    All items that are to be returned to must have a RN. Faulty items that are returned to should be treated as unfaulty. It is of outmost importance that the product is wrapped
    up in a way that keeps it from getting damaged. For a private customer the consumers law
    apply and therefore the customer, in case of a valid complaint, has the right to get the return
    delivery paid. We at will provide the private customer with a prepaid delivery lable.
    In case the reason for return is a complaint an no fault is to be found there will be a fee of
    SEK 200 + VAT + delivery cost and an administrational fee. Goods returned without RN will
    be returned to sender and delivery costs will be charged.

    Cigge always pay for returns of damaged or faulty goods.
  • 11. Right to withdraw.
    According to the rules on distance selling you as customer have the right to withdraw within
    14 days after you received the product and with no particular reason. This given that the
    product and the packaging is intact, meaning you have not opened, used or damaged the
    product. You are not allowed to use the product but you may carefully examine it.|store practice the rules on distance selling. You as customer are responsible for the
    delivery charges referring to the right to withdraw within 14 days.
    In case you wish to exercise your right to withdraw contact by phone +46 (0) 243
    202014 or e-mail at you will then receive a return number (RN) and a delivery
    label. Customer pays the delivery charge. If a product is damaged during delivery contact within a reasonable time to get information about reimbursement.
  • 12. Privacy and security, personal information
    When you place your order with us you state your personal information such as name,
    address and phone number. With you registering and placing an order you approve that we
    save and use your data in our business to fulfil our duties towards you. We also keep
    records of all the communication we have with you by e-mail, this to provide best possible
    service. will not pass your personal information on to third part (other person, or
    other company). In cases where we suspect a minor is attempting to make a purchase we
    always make contact by e-mail. Your Personal Identification number is kept and used to
    verify your age.
  • 13. Cookies
    A cookie is a text-file sent to your computer by a website (ours for instance) where it is
    stored in either as a session cookie or a small text-file. Cookies are used to store your log
    in-information and your shopping-cart when you are browsing our site , etc. If your webreader
    are set to not allow cookies you will not be able to order from our site. You can
    easily change this by changing your settings in your web-reader. Please not that we do not
    use cookies to save personal information about you. In case you have more questions
    about terms and conditions you can visit Swedish Consumer Agency and their website
    about E-Shopping
  • 14. Disagreement
    Our target is always to make our customers satisfied. In case of a disagreement we at always follow the recommendations of the National Board for Consumers
  • 15. Product quality
    Despite the fact that we do everything we can to make the information at as
    accurate as possible regarding pictures, descriptions and any other information about the
    product, the possibility exists that the quality may differ in reality. The content although
    should always be the same as ordered.
  • 16. Discounts and offers via SMS and E-mail.
    Everyone who purchases from will automatically start a subscription to our newsletter, here you will find our latest discounts and offers. 
    If you do not want to have this service you can unsubscribe,  follow the link under "Discounts and offers".
    If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter completely there is a link within the newsletter were you can choose this option, this is also the same if you wish to stop getting updates via SMS, follow the instructions within SMS feature. 
    Our customer service - support@Cigge is also available if you require any assistance terminating your subscription.