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Base Liquid for mixing your own Eliquid

Here you will find base liquid from the famous brand Chemnovatic. There are many possibilities when you mix your own e-liquid, we offer our customers base liquids in 0mg nicotine strength, if you want to add nicotine to your mixed e-juice then take a look at our assortment on nicshots.

Start mixing your own E-liquid with our base liquid

If you are tired of the old ordinary flavors and you want to try something new, we have a large selection of base liquid for you who want to start mixing e-liquid yourself. We have different base fluids in different VG / PG rotations, also pure VG and PG base liquids in 100ml bottles. It is important that you follow the recommendation for the distribution of aromas and base fluids, which are usually specified for a particular aroma so that you will get the best flavor experience.

What more do i need than base liquid?

When you decide which base liquid you want, you will need aromas, we have a large selection of aromas with very good exciting flavors, so use your imagination and mix up your new favorite e-liquid. Take a look at our range of blending accessories that will help you mix more effectively.

What do Propylene Glycol (PG) do?

PG gives more taste and gives a more tear to the throat the higher PG % you use in your e-liquid. Important to keep in mind is that the more PG you have, the more runny the liquid becomes. PG is a very good flavor carrier so it is important to find the right balance so you don't have too much as it can create a strong tear in your throat or too much flavor making the e-liquid un-vapeable.

What does Vegetable Glycerin (VG) do?

VG gives a more sweet taste much less tear to the throat when vaped. it also increases the vapor-production compared to PG. The higher the VG % the e-liquid has, the thicker the liquid will become. Important to note is that the higher the VG % you have, some e-liquids may need to rest for a few days to tighten the flavor when you have finished mixing your e-juice.

Which VG / PG ratio is the best?

The combination of VG and PG is individual, if you have never vaped before, you can test a number of pre-mixed e-liquids with different VG / PG ratios so you know what ratio is best for you. Usually the most popular blends are 50/50 or 70/30 VG / PG.

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Norrland Base Liquid - 50VG/50PG
Base liquid for mixing your own e-liquid
€3.99/ pcs
Norrland Basvätska - 70VG/30PG
Base liquid from Norrland with a VG70 / PG30 content
€3.99/ pcs
Norrland Base Liquid - 100VG
Norrland base liquid with a 100VG, the product is used to create its own e-liquid
€5.99/ pcs
Norrland Base Liquid - 100PG
Norrland base liquid with a 100PG, the product is used to create its own e-liquid
€5.99/ pcs
Norrland Base Liquid - 30VG/70PG
Norrland base liquid with a VG30 / PG70 content, the product is used to create its own e...
€3.99/ pcs
Vampire Vape - Skapa egen E-juice (Komplett paket)
Create your own E-juice
All you need
Aroma, bottle & base liquid
€17.47/ pcs
Norse Cooling Drops - WS 23 (Kylning till E-vätska)
Are you missing cooling in your shortfill? Here is the solution!
10ml cooling liquid
€2.99/ pcs
Norse Sweeter Drops (Sötning till E-vätska)
Want a sweeter E-liquid?
10ml. 1-3 drops
€2.99/ pcs