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E-cig Startkit - Find your Vape kit here

An e-cigarette starter kit is a complete package with everything you need to get started with your ecigarette, you only need to buy vape juice and you can start vaping with your new ecigg starter kit, some ecigarette starter kits require you to buy external vape batteries.

Here you will find good deals e-cigarette starter kits that are available in different sizes to suit your style, you will find larger e-cig kits such as box mods or smaller vape starter kits that are easy to put in your pocket when you are not using the e-cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are an effective solution for those who want to quit smoking cigarettes. If you are completely inexperienced with electric cigarettes and feel that you want to read more about electric cigar starter kits, you can read our e-cigarette guide. In our e-cig guide you will get basic information on how e-cigarettes work so you can get a stronger idea of ​​what electric cigarettes is about. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking.


We at sell user-friendly & cheap vape starter kits to the new vaper who do not have a long experience of electric cigarettes. With a large selection of user-friendly starter kits, you can easily get started with your vape without any hassle, you only need to buy e-liquid for your starter kits and you are good to go. We usually recommend 10ml e-juice for the more user-friendly starter kits.

In each starter kit it contains all the components so that your vaping-carrier can be started, in the package it also contains a manual that describes how to use your electric cig in the best way. You will also find important product information inside the article, we have also created a youtube channel with instructional videos on how you can easily use the vape launch kit you have decided on.

The more user-friendly e-cigarettes usually have a built-in battery and are charged with the help of a Micro USB cable and the charging works just like when you charge your Smart phone.

A beginner-friendly e-cigarette usually does not have a lot of settings that you have to modify, once you have purchased your starter kit you only need to pour the e-juice into the liquid container and you can enjoy your e-cigarette.

However, before using electronic cigarettes, we recommend that you "prime" the coil before use. When you talk about "priming" the coil you mean that you moisturize the cotton inside the coil so that the cotton is not burnt and you get a burnt taste when you puff on your vape.


In our range of e-cigarette starter kits you will also find more advanced e-cigarettes that deliver better flavor distribution & cloud production than the more beginner-friendly e-cig starter kits.

A more advanced e-cig starter kit differs in part from a user-friendly starter pack as the e-cigarettes require a little more experience. A more advanced e-cigarette usually uses external batteries, what this means is that you buy a so-called. external battery separately and which you then install in the e-cigarette mod. An external battery is recommended to be charged through an external battery charger.

An advanced e-cigarette requires more experience and if you are a new vaper we recommend that you instead look into our more user-friendly electric cig starter kits so that you as a beginner get a good vape experience.

If you already know what you want, you will find a large selection of the best e-cig starter kits on the market. our popular electric cigarette starter kits such as Drag 2 & Drag Mini from VooPoo which delivers a powerful vape experience to the more experienced vaper looking for bigger clouds & tastes. In our advanced electronic cigarette starter kit, it usually comes with a sub ohm tank so you can use coils with low ohm.

You will find only the best ecigg starter kits at which have high quality & the best security protection that offers the user safe vaping.


Buying e-cig starter kits should be simple and easy, and it will not be easier when you buy electronic cigarettes from You can either order an ecigarette starter kit from our webshop or from one of our physical vape stores in Sweden, where we can offer professional service and give you an experience worth the visit, in our cigge stores we have an e-liquid bar where you can test new e liquids , in our juice bar you will find our entire range of e-juices.

There are different types of "mouth to lung" cigarettes that give an authentic feeling of smoking ordinary cigarettes, we recommend these electronic cigarettes to people who want to switch to electric cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes.

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Adapted for
Adapted for VG / PG
Liquid capacity
Type of coil
eGo AIO Startkit - 1500mAh
1500 mAh
2pcs 0.6 ohm Coils included
€24.99/ pcs
OXVA Xlim V2 Pod Vape KIt
2ml Fluid capacity
Adjustable airflow
€33.90/ pcs
Oxva Xlim SE Vape Kit
Easy first vape
€24.90/ pcs
VooPoo Doric 20 Pod Vape Kit
Doric 20 Pod Vape Kit from VooPoo is an e-cigarette adapted for MTL vape
€29.99/ pcs
VooPoo Argus Air Pod Vape Kit
Small but powerful e-cigarette that creates a flavorful vaping experience
€29.99/ pcs
Uwell Whirl S Pen Vape Kit
Beginner-friendly e-cigarette without complicated settings, rich flavor production
€27.99/ pcs
Vaporesso Swag 2 Mod
This product is not part of our regular range, hence the cheap price
€19.99/ pcs
VooPoo Doric 60 Pod Vape Kit
The VooPoo Doric 60 Pod Vape Kit has an integrated 2500mAh battery, 5-60W output range, ...
€39.99/ pcs
Vaporesso Zero S Pod Vape Kit
Simple & user-friendly pod kit
2ml Capacity
€24.90/ pcs
Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime Pod Kit
Amazing e-cigarette with good flavor and cloud production!
€29.99/ pcs
Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 Startkit
Small electric cigarette that produces large clouds and flavors
€49.99/ pcs
Vaporesso Osmall 2 Vape Kit
Stronger & better than before
Charged with USB
€16.90/ pcs
Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Vape Kit
The latest technology in the spirit of Uwell
Small, light and flexible
€37.90/ pcs
Caliburn GK2 Pod Vape Kit
Innovative colors and designs
690mAh battery
Adjustable Airflow
€39.90/ pcs
EQ Filter Plus Startkit
Beginner-friendly e-cig with replaceable filters
1-4 pcs 5-9 pcs 10+
€9.99/ pcs €3.98/ pcs €3.59/ pcs
Caliburn Pod Package
Pod Vape Kit, comes with a package of Pods and an optional nicalt e-liquid
€45.99/ pcs
Joyetech eGo Pod Vape Kit
The Joyetech eGo Pod Kit is a beginner-friendly e-cigarette with focus on being easy to ...
€14.99/ pcs
Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Vape Kit
Caliburn A2 Pod Vape Kit is a compact starter kit adapted for both beginners and they wh...
€26.90/ pcs
Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod Vape Kit
Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod Vape Kit is a beginner-friendly starter kit that is compatible with...
€29.99/ pcs
Q16 Startkit - Justfog
Capacity: 2ml
€27.99/ pcs
Vaporesso Luxe Q Vaping Kit
Flexible e-cigarette with a small design but powerful performance
€29.90/ pcs
Vaporesso LUXE PM40 Pod Vape Kit
A revolutionary e-cigarette made with the new and innovative Turbo Boosting technology t...
€35.99/ pcs
Vaporesso GEN 40 Air Vape Kit
4.5ml liquid capacity
Adjustable airflow
€37.90/ pcs
Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini Pod Vape Kit
Suitable for both MTL & DTL vaping
CoreX technology for correct taste reproduction#...
€25.99/ pcs
Vaporesso GEN 200 Vape Kit
Lightweight 76g
Powerful & Flexible
€69.90/ pcs
VooPoo Drag X Pro Kit
VooPoo delivers a product that holds the absolute highest class, stylish design in a cla...
€61.90/ pcs
Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Vape Kit
Small and smooth pod vape with great taste production
€14.99/ pcs
Vaporesso TARGET 200 (8ml) Vape Kit
Support for dual 18650 Batteries
€84.90/ pcs