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What E-Liquid should I choose?

Different e-liquids

If you are not sure which e-liquid to choose, in this post you will get all the information you need so that you know which e-liquid to choose, there are a few things to consider so that you can maximize your vaping experience with the right features.

When talking about e-juice or so-called e-liquid, there are four characteristics you should keep in mind before you decide to make a purchase. If you are a new vaper, you may not be aware of these characteristics, but after this post, you have received all the information you need to help you decide which e-liquid to choose.

NOTE! The post takes about 4 minutes to read, we recommend that you read through the whole thing to get the best idea of ​​which e-liquid you should choose.

The four characteristics

  • The thickness of the e-liquid
  • Ohm count on the coil
  • Nicotine content
  • Taste profile

The thickness of the e-liquid plays a big role

There are different thicknesses of the e-liquids on today's vape market and the thickness has a great importance and the thickness is measured by the VG and PG content in the vape juice. It is worth mentioning that an e-liquid is always 100% and the VG/PG combination will always be 100%.

Example: 65VG / PG 35, 50VG / 50PG

VG which stands for Vegetable Glycerin is a main ingredient in an e-juice and depending on the VG content, the vegetable glycerin determines how thick the e-liquid should be, the more VG content you have in your e-liquid, the more power (watts) it takes to vaporize the e-juice.

For a VG content above 70, we recommend Direct to Lung Vaping

PG stands for Propylene Glycol and is also a main ingredient in an e-liquid, depending on how much PG content you have in your e-liquid, this ingredient determines how runny the e-liquid should be and also makes the e-liquid gets a stronger taste / throat-hit when inhaled.

For a PG content above or at 50, we recommend Mouth to Lung Vaping

There are a lot of different VG/PG levels on today's vape market but there are some guidelines to follow depending on the style of vaping you do. If you are completely new to vaping, there are two different styles: Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung which we explain a little further down.

Ohm count on the coil

Each e-cigarette uses a coil to vaporize the e-liquid that is sealed in the liquid container. Usually there are several different coils to choose from for your e-cig and below we will list our recommendations on which ohm count you should use in relation to the VG / PG content of the e-liquid.

Ohm count for e-liquid with a VG content below 70

For an e liquid with a VG content below 70, we recommend that you use a coil above 1.0 in ohms for the best experience.

Coils with an ohm count above 1.0ohm are usually classified as MTL

Ohm count for e-liquid with a VG content above 70

For e-juice with a VG content of 70 or above 70 VG, we recommend a so-called Sub-ohm coil, which corresponds to an ohm number below 1.0, for example 0.3ohm or 0.15ohm

Coils with an ohm count below 1.0ohm are classified as DTL or so-called Sub- ohm

What is Mouth to Lung vaping?

Mouth to Lung vaping is abbreviated as MTL and is usually popular among vapers who prefer low vapor production and the sensation of smoking a regular cigarette. For this type of vaping, we recommend a VG content of either 50VG or 60VG. This type of vaping is recommended if you are going to quit smoking.

An MTL e-cigarette has a low power and is usually used around 10-30 watts

What is Direct to Lung vaping?

Direct to Lung (DTL) is the opposite of MTL which means that this style of vaping focuses on producing large clouds and better flavor production when using the e-cigarette at higher wattages. For this type of vaping, we recommend a VG content of over 70VG for the best experience.

Once you know what style of vaping you prefer, it's time to decide which e-liquid to choose. In our range of e-liquids, we have categorized our e-liquids so that it will be easier for you as a consumer to choose from all our hundreds of e-liquids.

Here you will find e-liquid that is for MTL vaping

Here you will find e-liquid is for DTL vaping

A DTL e-cigarette is used at high outputs and is usually used around 50-220 watts

The nicotine content of the e-liquid

If you are a user of e-juice with nicotine, the nicotine content is also of great importance and, like here, it matters what type of vaping you use. Below we list our recommendations for nicotine content when it comes to MTL or DTL vaping. There is also the option of choosing a completely nicotine-free e-liquid with the designation "0 mg".

Nicotine content in MTL vaping

When you use MTL vaping, you can usually use higher nicotine levels as you usually use an electronic cigarette with low power, usually the power is around 10-30 watts when you use MTL vaping and does not vaporize the same amount of e-liquid with each inhalation.

For MTL vaping, we recommend a nicotine content between 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg for the best experience.

Nicotine content in DTL vaping

In DTL vaping, you produce a larger amount of vapor and vaporize more e-liquid with each inhalation, as a rule, you should have a lower nicotine content in your e-liquid when you use DTL vaping, as the experience can be overwhelming then you produce a lot of steam, it can be very strong on your throat which will result in you coughing a lot.

For DTL vaping, we recommend a lower nicotine content, for example 3mg or 6mg

Choose the flavor you like for the best experience

In the vaping world, there are endless flavors and flavor combinations and there are many different actors who mix e-liquid differently, i.e. each mango flavor may not taste the same, which is very exciting but it can cause problems if you are a new vaper if you expect your freshly bought mango flavor to be sour but instead it is not. It's about testing yourself and finding your favorite flavor.

You can also create your own e juice if you so wish, there is a bit to think about, you can read our previous post where we inform you about how to mix your own e-liquid, we have also created a nicshot guide that guides you with the right amount of nicotine to achieve the right nicotine content.

Did this post help you? If anything is unclear, you can always call us or email our support!

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